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Treasure Family Memories

How much family time do you take to have fun, play cards, camp or just hang out with each other? There was a time that our family struggled to have fun and enjoy time together, yet we did have some memorable times. These memorable times can be lost in the war of all the overwhelming times. We are all faced with struggles, disappointments, and challenges that test us and trigger our emotions. The reason I am blogging about this is to remind you to remember the good times in the midst of chaos in your life. These moments can be lost in all the social media, texting, seeing how many likes we have on Facebook, feeling overwhelmed and the general busyness of life. Stop and take a breath to see what moments you treasure the most and what is the reason you treasure them.

I recently had multiple family events in my life, including this past weekend (July 27, 2019), when we drove to Manitoba to witness my nephew’s daughter marry the man of her dreams. They shared their vows on the home farm overlooking the Assiniboine Valley in Manitoba, with the sun shining brightly on them and a cool breeze on us. Then we ventured to the main yard where tents were set up full of food, beverages, speeches and conversations, topped off with an evening of dancing. The next morning, Ted and I, along with other family members, were in full swing mixing pancake batter and cooking sausages to feed all the ones who slept over in tents and trailers and those of us who had dropped in before we headed home. We arrived home on Monday and started packing to go on our family houseboat trip in the Shuswap. This brings back memories of our family of 6 doing a houseboating trip when our children were young. This trip was memorable enough due to the fact that we were going with a family of 16, one dog, maybe two. I am like the grandchildren; I can hardly wait to slide down the slide, ride on the dingy, have a water fight and few rounds of competitive game playing. The memories are a treasure and I am grateful for them.

Today more than ever, we need to dig deep into our lives to pull up the memories that had us feeling inspired, empowered and alive. There are enough negative stories in the newspapers, but I know there are wonderful things happening in the midst of the chaos and negativity. It is time to lift up our spirits and see the sunshine in our memories.

What will this do for you?

1. It will have you looking for sunshine instead of focusing on the negative parts of life;

2. These memories may inspire you to create more memories;

3. Your body, mind and spirit will support you through feeling good about yourself;

4. These memories will empower you to get through the tough times; and,

5. Creating more memories will energize you.

Look for these memories! Take the opportunities to make more memories in your life. You and all the people in your life will feel better as a result.

Create memories, even if life is chaotic – it may bring peace to the chaos in your life.


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