Our dedicated team of compassionate professionals are here to help you adjust and cope with the struggles of living with mood-related disorders or substance-related challenges. Don't wait to get the help you need.

Mona Cooley
Founder and CEO

I was inspired to help families over 20 years ago when my daughter was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder.  I can clearly remember her telling me to stop telling her what to do and to help her find a solution.  I needed  to hear that in order to start helping her more effectively.  It has been a journey of passion and to date I have helped hundreds of individuals and families navigate their toughest challenges.  I approach each situation with compassion and an understanding of how hard these circumstances can be.  I look forward to the opportunity to meet and work with you and your family.

Rebekah Roe
ACSW (Hon), CDA (Child Development Aide)

I am a Child Development Aide with a diploma in Addictions. I bring 20 years of lived experience with addictions and mental health, and the correctional system - but not from a professional standpoint. I was the troubled child within my own family and have lived through many of the same hardships that your loved ones face on a day-to-day basis. My wealth of personal experience as well as my formal education have given me a well-rounded set of tools to help families navigate through the choppy waters of mental illness and addiction. My approach is family-centred, focusing on harm reduction, communication, and honest conversations within the home. The goal is to build a congruence within the family so that members start to heal together.

Marcia Ito

My journey started in January of 2015, when my daughter Amanda was diagnosed with social anxiety and major depression. She went to psychiatrists, counselling, and special programs in and of school. Nothing was working.

In May of 2016, when I reached Mona, we were lost, desperate and haunted by the possibility of losing her. My daughter and I couldn’t talk without crying or yelling. Mona was very direct at the first session: “Do you want to change?”. “Yes”, I said, “But show me the how to”. That was the moment the change started. Little by little, I was taking control of myself, and that reflected on my daughter, making her trust me and talk to me again.

Today, my daughter is ok and I’m not afraid anymore. That doesn’t mean the mental illness disappeared, or that we don’t have ups and downs. The difference now is we know “how to” go through. This is why I joined Mona and her team: to reach more families in need, to give hope and show that  they are not alone.

"Mona Cooley was our keynote speaker at the Sustaining Projects year end function in Fort McMurray.  Mona gave an inspiring address reflecting her personal experiences in leading a team with purpose and ensuring frequent communication. Her willingness to take on seemingly impossible challenges resulted in roaring successes. The principles of setting goals and inspiring people are applicable to our regular business teams.  Mona has an energetic and lively style which captivated the audience. The rock and roll music and movements at the opening reflected a signature feature of her “show”. Toastmasters has given her the confidence to speak from the heart and deliver a memorable message of courage, determination and excitement."

Mark Hodson, Suncor

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