• Mona Cooley

Shifting Gears

“There‘s a shift that takes place when you’re talking about the possibilities more than you’re talking about your issues”, Michael Bernard Beckwith

How much time in a week do you spend on issues compared to the possibilities? What if you were to shift gears by talking about 5 possibilities for every issue you talk about. Have you ever had a week go well until an incident shakes you up? When asked how your week went, you say “not so good” then proceed to talk about the incident, even though you had exceptional presentations, the family had fun going to the movies, friends dropped in to visit, the kids did their chores, and you were invited out for lunch. The mind will focus on the one negative over the five positives no matter how good the week is. Talk grateful and let go of issues.

One thing I am grateful for is the lesson in life that helped me find my purpose. As I was struggling to figure out what it was that I was passionate about, one the biggest challenges came into my life. This challenge helped me find my purpose in life. It lit my way to where I now have clarity on my purpose in life, and am filled with passion for this purpose. While I have had to break through barriers because I am not a therapist, counsellor or psychologist, I am a coach who can dig to the root of issues to bring answers to others. As a result, I am able to make a difference in mental health. And to think this big challenge is what allowed it happen. I am grateful!

Now, take time to look at your own challenges but always think of the possibilities. Shift gears and see what happens. The choice is yours. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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