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World Health Organization marks June 24 the start of Self-Care until July 24.

SELF-CARE came at a point in my life when our daughter was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 1995 that changed my perspective about self-care. Growing up, self care was considered selfishness instead of being smart about your own health and wellness.

After our daughter being admitted to the hospital, I was referred to a special lady who said to me - Take Care of yourself or else you will fall down with her. It was blunt, yes I reacted to this statement however it stopped me in tracks to think about what was said. To this day, I am grateful for the wisdom of this special lady, a strong statement that woke me up to realize it was true. To provide healthy support would be the best gift for her to see her mom doing well while she worked through her challenges. The return on investing in self-care has paid dividends.

The amazing part of practicing self-care is strengthening your system to fight the storms that can erode your health. I have a friend who has faced 5 cancers. His positive attitude of Never Give Up by Tom Shindruk tells his amazing story how this young guy in his middle 80's whose vibrancy lights up your life and who has more energy then the energizer bunny.

Something to think about:

  1. Read Tom's book to boost your energy

  2. What do you love to do - your body will do a happy dance

  3. What positive saying you can tell yourself everyday- let go of negative

  4. Think of moments that have boosted your energy - revisit them

  5. Time out for you - your mind, spirit will respond with positive outcomes

  6. Watch kids play - they are in the present not in the past or the future

  7. Have a Mischievous Me Day - think of fun things you can do to make someone smile - COOL TIPS by Mona Cooley

Hi Five to everyone who TAKES CARE OF THEMSELVES - you will have energy that will kick start others to do the same.

Watch for tomorrow's quick tip of self-care .

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