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Saved our Family

Reaching out for help saved our family from more hardships. It is humbling however worth it. 28 years later, making changes to do something different paid off. How?

Recognizing in 1995 when dealing with close relationships, the emotions are strong you are not as objective to the situation. Getting the help from someone who is honest, can be objective and ask those tough questions to impact change. Experiencing this in 1995, I was told by a professor at the University of Calgary to call a gal at Canadian Mental Health Association after telling her our daughter was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I reached out immediately and this gal was honest with me- "if you don't take of yourself you will go down with her". Hard to hear but the best thing I needed to hear. Reaching out for help that day was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself and our family. She shared her lived experience with us, we learned we were not alone and someone cared enough to be honest with us. Knowing someone has walked in your shoes has you ready to listen to the lived experience and learn from them.

Getting relief you are not alone, hearing how others have found a way out, feeling safe to express your emotions and having real conversations saved themselves and their relationships. The relief you feel brings tears to my eyes. Facilitating group sessions for over 25 years, witnessing family members experiencing the relief has my heart sing. Being part of groups having real conversations about difficult situations triggers the mind to think less of helplessness and more of having hopeful solutions. Remember, it takes times to change unrewarding habits but you are not alone, you are part of something that impacts your life and life in many areas such as worklife.

Start right now saying - " I am worthy and hopeful. A quote from Wes Moore - his book " The Work" talks about having real conversations and how his mentor told him to " have faith, not fear"

Unstuffing Emotions and having Real Conversations, your body, mind and soul will be replenished to kick those emotions into shape to manage those difficult situations. Not only will you notice/feel the difference, others like family, friends, co-workers will notice the difference.

My next post will be on communication and boundaries. When communicaton and boundaries are strengthened, you will find less stress in your life thus the emotions are more managed.

If you are wanting to know more about Cool Family Solutions process join me:

Monday, August 14, 2023 - 11:00 - 12:00 - you can register to a Zoom information session about Families Sticking Together

Register in advance for this meeting:

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