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Rise Up and Show Up

Brene Brown inspires me! Tears flow when reading or hearing her wisdom. In her family manifesto, one of the statements that struck my heart was “We will practice courage in our family by showing up, letting ourselves be seen, and honoring vulnerability”- embracing the lessons, struggles and strengths it takes to work through life battles and the willingness to share with others so others can benefit is a gift that keeps on giving.

Think about this! Vulnerability is scary, causing hesitations to show what is really happening inside. Accordingly, when you do show up and share with others, remember to have compassion for yourself! It takes courage to be vulnerable. I have witnessed the courage in those who have walked through hell, have clawed their way through devastation and then committed to fight to have a purposeful life. The TRUST one experiences when others are there for them heals their heart, slowly dissolving the pain. It teaches them how to work through it, knowing they are not alone in the process.

Practicing courage in the family by showing up, letting yourselves be seen and honoring the vulnerability is a practice worth practicing. In reality, most people are struggling these days. Examples are everywhere in newspapers, TV, social media, and personal conversations. People are making the effort to lift their spirits in their willingness to share their personal lives. Vulnerability is the courageous step to take even when scared. You may not get the response you were hoping for when you open the door to your soul but the relief you get is well worth the risk. When you share your story, others will learn from your experience. There are plenty of stories to show this. Start paying attention to them and add your story to the mix. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

As Brene Brown says, “live with a whole heart and dare greatly”. She dared greatly to have a conversation about vulnerability; join her and others who are also doing it, there is more than you think.

Be courageous by showing up, let yourself be seen and honor the vulnerability along with the rest of us who have.

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