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You have been receiving our newsletter, kudos to Melissa who does a fabulous makeover every week.

Attending a session yesterday, questions that were asked got me thinking about you, the reader, who continues to read our newsletter, and blogs.

I am sure you are curious about what the questions are. If you have any comments other than the ones stated, please send them to us because your thoughts may be different from what has already been said.


1. Why would YOU/OTHERS want to know about Families Helping Families 10-week sessions?

When you are struggling with conflict, mental health, addiction, relationship issues, etc., we know your desire is to learn WHAT to do and HOW to change the conflicting family dynamics.

2. Why do YOU/OTHERS need to know about Families Helping Families 10-week sessions?

When families reach out to us they are desperate for help saying that we are their last hope. We have given others hope that things can change.

3. Why should YOU/OTHERS sign up for the Families Helping Families 10-week sessions?

Knowing how to approach difficult situations prevents conflict and further deterioration of relationships.

4. What do we want YOU/OTHERS to do?

Be willing to share with others the newsletter and what you learn from the blogs so others can decide if this is for them. Would you be willing to do this?

We offer a 3o minute consultation time to answer your questions.

Tip for the day: When you take care of yourself, your responses to loved ones/others are calmer and less edgy which can change the outcomes of situations that are causing issues. When you don’t take care of yourself, you may find you are reactive to situations, which causes more tension in the family. Awareness of responding and reacting does make a difference. Test it out for yourself and watch how your family members become more aware of what they do and learn how to act and react in a more positive manner.


We love to hear your comments. Please remember to be respectful to all members of our community.

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