• Mona Cooley

Motivated to De-Clutter

This September long weekend, I started decluttering my office. This is a spot that has papers, bags, and stuff everywhere. I said to my husband before the weekend started, I am cleaning THAT room that looks like a tornado went through it. I found myself disorganized and not functioning at the level I wanted to be.

How do you get started? First, the intention was made to start decluttering on the weekend. But how do I start? It happened when I had to make a call to Visa (no they don’t have a program for decluttering) and was put on hold. While waiting for someone to take my call, I thought why not start cleaning instead of just sitting here looking at the mess. So, I reached for one of the 10 binders sitting on top of my filing cabinets. Pulled the recycling bin over to my chair and started chucking. After 10 minutes, I was surprised how motivated I was to keep going. (Before I continue, I will explain why I was on hold with Visa. Ted couldn’t find his credit card. We dumped his pouch, phoned the gas station where he filled up with gas, turned pockets of coats, pants and shirts inside out. The card was nowhere to be found. It was baffling since he was quite sure he had it in his hand when he ordered flowers for his sister’s birthday. While waiting for the pleasant voice from Visa to come on the phone, he said HANG UP, I found it. It was on the floor where he was sitting when phoning the flower shop.)

By this time, I was into it so I just kept going. Calgarians, I was on a Mission! The more I decluttered, the more energized I got. I was in the groove. I didn’t want to stop as it was feeling so good to get rid of the mess, piece by piece. Started this mission on Sunday and I finished the first round of decluttering today (Monday) at noon. I was amazed at how I felt much more organized and at how full the BLUE BIN was. The energy, mood elevation, a feel good moment!! Something else was happening: the creative juices were flowing. Creativity is part of my DNA and it was rejuvenated. Decluttering boosted my body, mind and soul.

Decluttering has such huge benefits. The feeling was more than I expected. I felt so light, the room was so relaxing to be in and the mojo I had to do more exhilarating.

Another perk was that procrastination, which is something that slips easily into my life, did not have a chance. I have more to do; however, I am more motivated then ever to do more because of this feeling I have experienced.

If you want to uplift your mood, try decluttering. Your space will be uplifting and not depressing. Trust me, it is better than a cup of coffee. Being in the flow is a place of peace.

Go for it; declutter and reap the benefits!

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