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Lead With Purpose

Recently, I facilitated a group of leaders who attended seven 1-hour sessions to work through challenges, learn from each other, share life experiences and improve leadership techniques. You, your work, and your family are tied together through good times and tough times, no matter whether you are at work, with friends or volunteering in your community. Whether you are leading your own life or being a leader, you are affected!!! Read the following and learn how these Leaders are leading with a purpose to make a difference in their life and others.

The leaders who participated in the seven sessions were empowered when a challenge was presented, learned about it, came up with their own plan to address it, and reported, proudly back to the group what they learned. What were “VERY POWERFUL” results was the demonstration of better understanding, successful outcomes, and good relationships.

The key thing learned from the responses to the survey was being “Accountable” to understand one’s own commitment in a process, follow up with others and ask others what accountability means to them. The discussions were rich with insights, wisdom and lived experiences. A comment such as, “when misunderstanding or miscommunication through email happens, I insisted on calls/telephone chats to clear the way to more productivity with the team.” Individuals stepped up to deal with uncomfortable tasks and have honest conversations to hear other’s perspectives. People learned how listening, focusing on relationships rather than tasks, asking questions to get clarification, and having honest conversations were effective in their life no matter what they were involved in.

The participants used the tools in multiple areas of their life such as:

· Children – hear their commitment, follow-up with them and hear challenges encountered;

· Conference Audio team – positive outcome where everyone felt heard and was able to come to a resolution;

· Workplace – techniques used during conflicts or misunderstandings to get parties together and talk things through;

· Relationships – used tools on selling roles to have people more engaged; and,

· Serving – used in volunteer positions.

Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, how you approach difficult situations or sharing a success, it affects others.

Lead with a purpose of making a difference for yourself, for your family and for others.

Communicate with confidence and compassion!!

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