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Conversations Rumbling

People are talking but more conversations need to happen, which leads to the following questions: I don’t know what to say OR how do I start a conversation OR how do I help someone. I think texting has taken over and we have lost the art of conversations. But it can be inspiring, full of laughter and storytelling.

Yesterday, I had a day with my mom celebrating her 90th birthday. She is full of life, spunk - you would never guess her age. My sister and I spent the afternoon , with all of us telling stories, playing cards, with her slaughtering our ability to beat her, her enjoying a conversation with her granddaughter in Europe, flowers flowing in the door and special picture presented to her – her moon framed that is specific to her birth date. I never knew there was a special moon for each of us until my sister checked it out. More conversations about this unique gift. Met with our brother and his family for dinner at our mom’s favourite restaurant. More conversations, laughter and enjoying the special moments. These are the moments we need to cherish.

But there are the moments when conversations are difficult. Today, I got a call from someone dealing with difficult situations that was impacting others in their business. He and others realized they didn’t know what to do about the emotional challenging situations. He reached out for help so he could talk it through. After our talk, he decided what step he needed to take, which was to initiate the idea of having conversations with his associates and to learn how to approach these emotional times. Others championed the idea as they were wanting help as well. So he accessed a resource to learn some tools then shared the ideas with his associates. They were relieved to have some tools instead of wondering what to do. The relief motivated him to keep going with the support of others to have conversations and help more people.

Let’s review what happened and what was done.

  • Recognized he didn’t know how to handle an emotional situation

  • Reached out for someone to help him figure out how to approach the situation

  • He consequently realized conversations within the company needed to happen and took action

  • Approached others about having more conversations and realized he was not the only one wondering what to do

  • Found a resource that provided some information on how to approach these difficult situations

  • Presented the information to his associates

  • Associates were relieved that there was a way to help them

  • Outcome – encouraged to have more conversations and tell others what he has learned

Look at the process, look at the results when action was taken. When you are struggling, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, get past this. Someone else has experienced life’s challenges, learned what to do different and got positive results – reach out and learn. Helping someone else is the best gift we can give to others. I cannot express STRONGLY ENOUGH that learning through challenging times of what to do and being able to help someone who has experienced something similar has my heart pumping. Great conversations happen when we have something in common and are able to share wisdom with each other.

Start RUMBLING. Believe you have the capabilities to work through challenging times. And remember: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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