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Birthday Wishes

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Turning 71 was filled with wishes from family and friends. I am more than grateful for all the wishes and comments such as, “We are not old enough to have kids in their 40’s,” or the question, “How did we get here?” As I said before, 50 is the new 70. A little denial doesn’t hurt. Reading all the comments had me smiling and realizing that I need to make each day more meaningful. What put this in perspective was when our daughter and her family went hiking/camping last weekend. They were only a few minutes away from being in an accident that had our daughter (nurse) on the scene to provide assessments of people in the vehicles. One lady barely had a pulse, was trapped in her vehicle and was unconscious while the people in the other vehicle had serious injuries needing attention. After assessing them, she focused on the unconscious lady until the Jaws of Life (that was within inches of her face) and Stars Ambulance arrived. This made me think how quick life can change in an instant. Receiving the text from her had us relieved they were okay, yet thinking; “Wow, life can turn upside down within minutes.” A birthday wish from a friend had me realize how important it is to give each day a moment of reflecting on what is precious in life. Her wishes (as stated by Blessings from Angel light):

12 months of Happiness 52 weeks of fun 365 days of laughs 8760 hours of good luck

525600 minutes of joy 3153600 seconds of success

After hearing from our daughter, I reflected on when we were heading west to our family houseboat trip. We saw one police car racing east of us, then we saw 2 more police cars racing east. When we got to our destination, our cousin told us there was a 10-car pile up (we realized this was minutes behind us). Horrified hearing this, we were feeling grateful we were safe. Having someone wishing me happiness and more, I am grateful and I wish it for others.

Two major accidents is a strong message to me – how important it is to celebrate the happy, joyful moments in our life!!

How much do you value the joyful moments in your life? I know I need to do more of it, because these two incidents were too close for comfort. We do get comfortable with life. We need to reflect on the good times, create more happy times, and take a moment each day to be grateful we are safe. Keep in mind, life can change in seconds.

Join me in an exercise to have the 6 wishes in your life. How would it impact you to have a daily dose of wishes every day? How are you going to implement the 6 joyful items? You can do what I am doing by writing a statement after each wish such as, I wish for 12 months of happiness for our family.

Doing this exercise will have you focus on a positive reinforcement instead of the negative that can override any positive in a second.

Treat yourself to a coffee/tea as you write a statement for each one. While you are writing the statements for each, embrace them and read them each morning to kick start your day.

My wish for you is to have 12 months of happiness made up with each week, day, hour, minute and second that bring you fun, laughs, luck, joy and success.

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