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THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT SINCE STARTING OUR COMPANY - COOL FAMILY SOLUTIONS IN 2008. Many have reached out personnally either in person, by emails or through our website www.coolfamilysolutions. Our goal has been since inception is to Championing the Families to "believe their family has the capacity to transform difficult situations into positive outcomes when supporting a loved one living with mental illness/addtion when they know the tools to apply.

When FAMILIES are educated about what tools to use and how to apply them in our 10-week Families Helping Families group sessions to advert:

Tiptoeing- lost of what to say or do and scared of conflicts

Don't know what to say or do to help family members

Feeling hopeless anything will help or change

To have a positive impact on the entire family.

The entire family need help through a process of understanding what will have the family stick together to change what is not working.

Receiving awards through Alignable in February 2023 such as the :

  • Local Business of the Year

  • Community Supporter

  • Highly Recommended by locals on Alignable


Your belief and trust in what we do make a difference to health and wellness of families has our heart sing - Joy to the Families who reached out to us and experienced the hope to change what is not working to working effectively.

Question for you to help us more with family challenges - what would be helpful for you to understand how Cool Family Solutions can have your family believe you have the capacity to transform difficult situations into positive outcomes? We strive to meet the needs of families and LUV (listen, understand, validate) hearing and understanding what you need to have your Family Stick Together? Respond to

Without our family having a support system to guide us through difficult situations, reaching out for help, compassionate individuals providing insight to what could make an impact and the willingness of the family to learn through trial and error to establish strong family relationships - we would not be where we are today to help others..

Your feedback will make a difference for you and other families to stick together through trying times.

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