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2022 Here We Go!!!

Reflecting on 2021 has had it's highs that have lifted our spirits and it's lows that has challenged us to the core of our soul. Recently facilitating two sessions for two different groups, the question asked to the participants was " what has went well for you in the last three months" - write them down and state beside them what was the reason it went well. What was interesting to hear the insights and validation it provided to the participants. What a phenomena surprise to hear comments such as " I/WE made progress". More time was spent on what went wrong then celebrating the wins". The biggest awareness was the low % of attention on the situations that went right. One individual said, " I am going to make a more detail list of went well". The value gained listing what went well instead of putting more attention of what has gone wrong, had people smiling and feeling lighter.

I am suggesting you make this list of " went wells", again it is your choice, to reflect on how well you progressed through the tense times of 2021. Celebrate you, dam it YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Self Compassion will boost your mental thinking, you will feel more energized and physically feel lighter. Feeding your body and mind will fill it up so it can buffer those nasty moments. Your body tells you when it isn't happy, do you listen to it or do you ignore it. Asking you questions is to help you think what you can do to support your mind and body to approach those difficult situations.

Thank you for your interest in reading the blogs I have sent out. I have appreciated you connecting throughout the year to ask questions or have a quick chat.

Wishing you a fantastic Christmas. Celebrate you and your family!!! Together you will progress to a joyful time till the end of 2021 and bring in 2022 with intent to rise above whatever challenges are presented to you. One thing I want you to remember, you are not alone. Connect, Share and Celebrate the successes with others.

Have fun, enjoy those winning moments and hug your family!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2022!!!!

From our family to your family.

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