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"What is Happening ?" Gift

Families who participate in the 10-week session complete a characteristic sheet as a way to indicate what is happening in their family. The worksheet has two purposes:

1. Check the statement that fits your family situation;

2. Used as a guide to indicate your progress.

This sheet is a tool that helps individuals to check a statement that is relatable to them. Midway through the 10-weeks they refer back to the sheet to see what has changed. The participants are surprised how far they have progressed because it is hard to measure progress when it is one small win at a time. The small wins build into a momentum of change that impacts the family in a positive way. Knowing you are making progress creates more motivation to do more.

This is a gift for the next 4 weeks to all our subscribers. Pick one of the relatable statements below and send it to me at with the code "Tips for Issue" in the subject to receive some tips of how to work through your chosen issue.

Checklist of Characteristics of Family Dynamics

Mark an “X “ beside the situations that pertain to you at the moment

1. ___ Tip toeing – lost of what to say or do and scared of conflict

2. ___ Don’t know what to say or do to help family member

3. ___ Frustrated with the constant conflict

4. ___ Feeling hopeless anything will help or change

5. ___ Children not connecting with parent(s)

6. ___ Feeling helpless of knowing how to help or change things

7. ___ Don’t understand their behaviors

8. ___ Asking “why us or why me”

9. ___ Desperate to rescue loved one from pain and hurt

10. ___ Mental Illness/Addictions/struggles consumes the family

11. ___ Family near the brink of collapsing

12. ___ Severe illness – period of shock and disorganization

13. ___ Desperation for information and support

14. ___ Devastated when loved one is hospitalized with a psychotic episode

15. ___ Exhausted & depleted after second hospitalization (8 months after first one)

16. ___ Financial concerns

17. ___ Compassion – lack of understanding

18. ___ No motivation from loved one

19. ___ Isolation – feel alone dealing with issues

20. ___ Absorbed in loved ones life

21. ___ No self-care

22. ___ Cycle of fixing

23. ___ Poor decision making from loved one

24. ___ Drama – constant drama about situations

25. ___ Communication is more yelling than constructive conversations

26. ___ Boundaries are not consistent

27. ___ Other issues not listed

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