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Sharing Openly

Trusting someone is key to whether you can be open and share what is truly felt and thought. Being vulnerable sharing openly about what is on your mind is withheld till you feel you can trust the situation. Discussion about consistency will open the doors to trusting more.

The topic today is talking about trust being more prepared to open up and share more of what is gong on inside of you. This is one area that is difficult for individuals and I get it. Today is about exploring what is the reason we don't, the reason for opening up and share more, what do we share and what happens when we do open up and share.

Facilitating family groups for over 25 years has been a gift and learning experience that is rich with wisdom and insights. When participants feel safe and comfortable the world is everyone's oyster to impact difficult situations.

The first time you arrive at group is overwhelming, scary, not sure what to expect and hesitant to commit to sharing. But before you know it, you are engaged in the process of sharing. The conversation shows you are able to say what you feel and think without being judged and listening to others willing to be vulnerable with releaing their emotions and have relief, relaxes the mind plus you are not alone.

Having real conversation such as denial, ambiguous grief, suicide, emotions etc, has you thinking and you may receive a gift of getting a solution to your issue. The shocking part about this process is it is about what you need to change and do for yourself rather than what you want your family member to do or change. The group learns quickly it is not about fixing a loved one, it is about what you are going to do and understand your triggers.

Witnessing the relief on people's faces when they try an idea shared in the group and it works has shivers running up and down your body. I remember a participant who was having to set a boundary with their loved one and not sure if they could do it, they visualized the group supporting them and this gave them the courage to do it.

SUPPORT IS HUGE - WORKING ALONE IS NOT FUN BUT KNOWING YOU HAVE SUPPORT IS HUGE. It is your choice whether you don't or do take action to change what is painful.

As one participant said - " it is not about what you are doing wrong, it is about what you are going to do different". I definitely had to change my ways and attitude.

My daughter sharing openly about her experience living with Bipolar Disorder and myself sharing openly what I had to change such as communicate with empathy, not stuffing my emotions and start listening instead of fixing has us feeling over the moon we have helped multiple families and continue to help one family at a time.

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