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Tip Toeing or Honesty

Have you ever tip toed around a difficult situation? You are trapped whether to say anything or do anything or leave it alone and hope it goes away. When tip toeing it tells the other person - you are not being yourself. and they hesitate to say what they want to say. Honesty will surprse you what can happen.

Trust is important if you are going to share what is personal to you. Feeling safe and comfortable takes time yet when it happens it is freeing. Imagine being able to share your most inner feelings and thoughts, the relief is unbelievable. Having another person hear you, provide feedback, insight into your thinking and validating you impacts what you will change. Feeling heard and understood has you letting go of holding back.

A coach I had when I was working through 4 years at Coach U of how to coach others while working on specific areas of my life was a game changer for me. Sharing my thoughts of what I wanted to do and her validaing my thinking was on tract and her honesty with me helped me to believe what seem impossible is possible. This was the beginning of me being vulnerable and expressing my feelings and thoughts. You will take the nudges from someone you trust plus you will push forward with more determination than ever.

By now you know I am a Brene Brown fan - she states in her books " being vulnerable takes courage". Being vulnerable is important to feel safe and comfortable with someone who you can trust. If someone shares their experiences, they are being vulnerable so this is a chance for you to open up and share a little piece of you.

Here is a chance for you to test this thought.

  1. Who have you shared something with and what was the reason you chose this person to share with?

  2. How did you feel after sharing?

  3. What indicatons did you have that your instincsts were telling - was it okay or not okay

  4. Would you share more with this person, if so what is the reason you would

  5. If you have had a good experience of trust - let this be your guide

  6. If you have had an experience where trust was not there, what was the difference?

The one thing for me is my instincts/intuition tell me a lot. I did not pay attention to it as much as I do now. You get little inklings, feedback from others or you heard something that validated what you were thinking.

Read my next post tomorrow, it will be about being open and sharing.

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