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Rescue Less Empower More

Rescuing comes into play when it is felt we need to step in to do things for our loved ones instead of empowering them they can do it. When illness is mentioned, we go into action of fixing and doing things for others thinking this is what is needed to be done.

Helping someone think their situation through, providing some ideas if theyl are looking for ideas to consider and believing in them to make the best choice for their situation.

Is it easy, no it is not. Remember supporting someone whose confidence is low, is to believe they can make decisions for themselves.

Resucing someone is doing what they need to do for themselves. You can't fix other's pain, because I have tried and it created more problems. You can be there for them so they know they are not alone, and you love them unconditionally. I will not forget when a nurse told me, that our daughter told her " her family loved her unconditionally."

Rescuting - stepping in to do what others need to do for themselves is taking away their power. Instead of stepping in, ask some questions such as - what do you think you need to do with this issue? Or who do you think can help you with this issue? My daughter was struggling with a project she was working on, she wasn't feeling good about it. I said, I couldn't help her with it. I asked - who do you think could help you with this? Immediately she said a person. I asked her did she want to call her or myself ( at the time she was crying more than talking). She said for me to call her and ask her if she could help her with it. She calmed down, the power was in her hands and the problem was solved because the gal came over to help her.

Understanding expectations and rescuing helps. Most of the time it is hard to understand what we are doing that is helpful and what is not helpful. Be patient rather than putting expectations on yourself to fix other's problems and learn learning along with your loved one.

Rescue less and empower more.

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