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Rejection can have an idea flourish

Reading the recent Costco magazine, Art Bell had a passion for comedy yet he had never been a comedian. When he pitched his idea to HBO, he was told his idea was " impractical, unnecessary and naive."But he was determined to keep it alive.

Another person Mitch Albom wrote a book "Tuesdays with Morrie". As told to Oprah in her book - The Path made Clear - He was told "it's bad idea, it's depressing, you can't write anything like that. You're a sportswriter". He had one publisher while he was telling him what he thought was so significant about Morrie, said " Let me stop you. We're not going to take this book. ........Why don;t you come back in twenty years, and maybe you'll be old enough to write a memoir". He didn't give up.

Cool Family Solutions 10-week program is not accepted in health care plans or health spending accounts - recently was rejected by an organization

Each of us have had our idea rejected. I relate to these rejected ideas of Art and Mitch. In 1995, our daughter was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. She received excellent care however we the family supporting her didn't get the help. The only blessings we received is the professor from the U of C telling me after we hauled our daughter to the Foothills Hospital who was having an episode to call a gal at CMHA who herself lives with bipolar. She took our family under her wing, explained Biploar Disorder and her experiences. From there, it was trial and error to figure out how to best support our daughter and the family members take care of themselves. Our family worked through the trials and tribulations to have us able to have honest healthy conversations even when situations were heated. Many of you know our story which has me passionately working towards helping families know how to approach painful, difficult situations, to have each feeling heard and understood and asking the tough questions that has you knowing how you will approach situations with a more calm approach.

In January 2017 Cool Family Solutions(CFS) decided instead of having family drop in sessions was to have 10-week family sessions. We were witnessing families were improving more quickly. I was introduced to Kim at Thumbs Up Foundation whose son died by suicide and by the end of 2017, Kim asked if I was willing to do pilots of our 10-week program to prove it can help families and in turn benefit the loved one who was struggling. The criteria, evaluations would be completed by the participants and submitted to Thumbs Up to tell us if is this helping or not helpful. One of the numerous testimonials 71 family members who participated stated

"I have done so much work to deal with my mom and this is the first time EVER I feel it has STUCK and I got true SUSTAINABLE results" Jennifer Hooper.

Family members who support a loved one need help to hear different perspectives of approach instead of doing the same thing over and over again trying to deal with the complexity of the challenges that impacts every family member. David Swan's latest report "Understanding Parent and Guardian - Experiences with Mental Health Services for children and youth - June 2021

"But the greater pricture is that as a family unit, yes, we were definitely not, we were lost in the system, for sure. We weren't even's no different than when somebody has cancer. It's not just the person who has the cancer, it's the whole family that wants the support system". High Income Family

The biggest challenge is having programs for families covered in health plans and or health spending accounts. With the health care system overwhelmed with the pandemic, nurses, doctors having to help those in need of care, the family members supporting loved ones are feeling the pressure, stress, and trying to work when family members are struggling. This is dramatically applying more pressure on the health care system to deal with increased people needing care.

My point to this blog is:- 26 years ago there was a gap in the system - family members supporting a loved one did not get the help they needed. Our family figured it out, coached families, spoke publicly, and families who received the help shared their success. Still a gap. With determination, grit, compassion and understanding I continue to advocate to help the family unit while their loved one's wellbeing is being addressed.

My idea is health plans and health spending accounts can help address family complex situations coaching families " how to" take care of the whole family's wellbeing.


Ideas have been expressed, rejected, however they do flouish. Why? Someone believed it had merit.

After sharing his idea to vice president to new business, Art pitched the Comedy Channel to HBO'S chairman and CEO! He got it! Nine months later in 1989, HBO launched The Comedy Channel, which quickly morphed into Comedy Central.

Mitch is the author of the international bestsellers "For One More Day, The Five People you Meet in Heaven and Tuesdays with Morrie, as well as 6 other books.

Cool Family Solutions ( CFS) supported by The Thumbs Up willing to pilot the 10-week (71 family members participated and another one starting on Thursday, Sept 23, 2021) have family members thriving. Other professionals collaborating with CFS who helped the individuals has impacted the WHOLE FAMILY TO BE WELL. Families who lived in painful situations up to 10 years of complex issues have expressed through testimonials their appreciation for the peace and wellbeing within the family they are experiencing now.

How is your family doing during these disruptive times?

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