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Happy New Year to you - 2023 is going to be an awesome year!!!

This is my wish for you all - have a wonderful year with more joy, laughter and playing.

I have not blogged for quite awhile however that is going to change. Lots has happened since I blogged and I apologize for lacking in this area.

Recently I read a book by Haley Wickenheiser. It has inspired me to get back to connecting with everyone MORE CONSISTENTLY. My friend Tom Shinkdruk who suggested this book has KICKED me into gear. He loaned me the book SO A BIG Thank you Tom who has written is own book - Never Give Up ( I recommend this book).

I ordered the book and it is to arrive January 4. There are multiple tips that can be easily implemented to have me more dedicated to staying on track personally and business.

I started writing a book last year with a guideline suggested by my editor. I completed the first draft and now starting the second draft. What is the book about? It is about helping Families Stick Together. It is book with a spin on helping families find their solutions to their challenges. It is about helping YOU to think through the sticky dynamics in the family and you and the family to come up with the solutions.

This is what Cool Family Solutions has been all about - focus on how to help you find your own solutions with us asking questions to clarify what we are hearing you say and asking what can you do different to change the outcomes that are not working. It is about having each family member feeling they are part of the solution not feeling part of the problem. When the family members feel part of the process to determine the next step, you may see family members more engaged and have a more positive outcome!

We are not about fixing your situation as we know from personal experience it doesn't work. The trials and errors our family made showed us when it was working and when it was not working. Clue for when it is not working is ..... drum role - emotional reactions happens between family members and conversations end with frustration. Instead when we respond making an effort to understand what is meant or said, SURPRISE you will have others express what they are feeling and thinking. Yep you may not want to hear what they say but you may know more about what is happening with them if you take the time to understand versus the common go to - fixing. Who wants to be fixed? I don't, I prefer to be heard and understood. THINK ABOUT THIS.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts, book, speaking engagements and tips.

I have the pleasure of being one of the speakers at My friend's event, Jocelyn Hastie who has leaped forward to live her dream of having an event. If you are interested in renewing yourself - here is the information and the speakers - January 14, 2023 in High River.

new-year--new-you-poster--3-_c9f2630b146c3.pdf Plus I have posted on facebook, linkedin and twitter,

What is your dream, aspirations for the coming year? Loved to hear about them.

Together we can make a POSITIVE IMPACT ON THE WORLD. Everyone has abilities that they do naturally. You can make a difference in the world. What would make a difference in your life and what is your passion in life. Never Give Up - sticking together, living your dream and passion will kick start the year.

Till the next post. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS SIGNED UP TO RECEIVE THESE POSTS. I appreciate all of you!!!!

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