• Mona Cooley

Dynamic Seniors

There are special individuals who are making a mark in the world to make a difference for others. They are spunky seniors with a dynamic message.

Another spunky senior in my life is Tom Shindruk who has beaten cancer 4 times and his book NEVER GIVE UP tells you how resilient this individual is. It is an easy read and full of great insight of why he is beating cancer.

He has an attitude plus that has him stay spunk and full of pep to write a book, If Covid was not as restraining of isolating us, he would be out travelling to do workshops, having coffee with people and connecting with new people at events. He is a dynamic senior who continues to mark a trail that most of us wish we could.

Contact Tom for a book. He can mail your book to you and send to friends of yours.

Contact: tomshindruk@shaw.ca

Ask for his book NEVER GIVE UP!!!

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