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Conversations with a Rattlesnake

Reading books was not always a priority in life, especially in my teen years but that has changed. Today, I am an avid reader and have been for most of 40 years! What changed? The frustration of not knowing what my purpose was in life, driving to chapters and seeing the only book in the store that spoke to me – Coach Yourself to Success!!! Since that day, I have bought enough books to start my own chapter’s outlet.

Recently, I spoke to a friend who I haven’t connected with for years. He has written a third book – Conversations with a Rattlesnake ( Raw and Honest Reflections on Healing and Trauma). “Theo Fleury and his dear friend Kim Barthel, world renowned and sought-after therapist teamed up to delve into the core of Theo’s ongoing issues in a refreshingly vulnerable and compassionate way.”

I have been gifted with this book which has me hooked. What makes this book different? The honest engaging conversations throughout the book has me struggling to put the book down to eat, work or sleep.

I felt compelled to share two comments ( the book is nearly all underlined with comments to pick from however these two spoke to me). If you or a family member, friend is struggling with healing and trauma, I highly recommend this book!!

“Talking. Safe, open, and vulnerable conversation is such an undervalued force for positive change”. Kim Barthel

I have witnessed how individuals who have felt safe, willing to be vulnerable in sharing their deepest secrets and open to having conversations of how to work through their painful situations, get relief. Seeing their body less tense, tears in their eyes and calmness in their facial expression tells it all. When feelings, thoughts are constantly stuffed down in the pit of the stomach, isolation, frustration, anger, resentment, unhappiness are a few of the results. You too can have relief. Read and learn from lived experience. My own lived experience and learning from other’s lived experiences have impacted my life to make a difference in the lives of others. Kim and Theo have gifted us with the inside world of non-traditional therapy that is making a difference! Read and Learn how you can change how you feel.

“ You are ultimately the only person who is in charge of how you feel and you are the only person who can change how you feel.” Theo Fleury

This spoke to me as I had to work through my painful struggles in life, how to deal with my triggers when supporting our daughter living with mental health and how to get relief of pain in my heart when my children, husband hurt. The only things I have control of is what I say, do, think and feel and let go of fixing other’s problems. I continue to work on this every day. My family have questioned my compassion because I can get to the point to make a point, however I have a certificate to prove I can be compassionate. Theo validated it is up to you to take charge of how to and change your feelings. Reach out for help and get started to having relief of pain.

Stopping, from not reading, to write this article was important. Trauma, suicide and painful family situations are filling the pages of the newspapers, and television news spots. Together we can make a difference.

My mission is to continue making a difference whether coaching families through difficult situations, writing blogs, speaking or sharing resources. What positive change can you do today to change what is not working for you OR how can you make difference for others who are struggling? Stop the Insanity! Start Making a Difference Today for yourself or others.

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