Whether you are a family struggling with painful situations OR mental health, addiction, suicide is consuming your family we’ve got the program for you. We've tried and tested this program countless times and our 10 week program is what it takes for Families to start to see results.



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You are not alone! When you are dealing with mood related disorders or substance-related disorders navigating the system can be truly overwelming. We have gathered and filtered resources to help.



Creating a nonjudgmental environment to share stories of struggles and triumphs:  individuals with lived experiences sharing their experiences of how they worked through their challenging times, what they learned, what they would do different and tips for consideration for others to consider.

Have conversations versus silence about mental health challenges, learn from each other’s stories, choose what tips you want to try and have discussion on topics relatable to mental health. We are not about therapies, please consult other professionals for them. We are about sharing our stories of LIVED EXPERIENCES so others know they are not alone, and having others benefit from our experiences of struggles and triumphs. Each of us have learned that healing happens when we share our experiences, have had conversations with others who “get it” what we experienced, implement ideas haven’t thought about and hear others validate us when we do well.

These conversation are free of charge to you; we just want you to join, share your lived experience and heal. 

They will be held on Thursdays at 2:00pm MST for 1 hour. To join or ask questions please email

Please listen to a few audios from clients who are healing through conversations. 




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