Whether you are a family struggling with painful situations OR mental health, addiction, suicide is consuming your family we’ve got the program for you. We've tried and tested this program countless times and our 10 week program is what it takes for Families to start to see results.



Cool Family Solutions is always out and about in the community! For information on "Families Helping Families" session dates, speaking engagements and events, click our "More Info" button.  



You are not alone! When you are dealing with mood related disorders or substance-related disorders navigating the system can be truly overwelming. We have gathered and filtered resources to help.




Thanks to individuals who were prepared to share stories of their struggles and triumphs, the audios are available for you to hear how they worked through their challenging times, what they learned, what they would do different and tips for consideration for others to consider.


​The stories of LIVED EXPERIENCES of these individuals is to let others know they are not alone, and having others benefit from their experiences of struggles and triumphs.

Each have learned that healing happens when they shared their experiences, have had conversations with others who “get it” what they experienced, implemented ideas haven’t thought about and heard others validate them when done well.

The six people below wanted to share their experiences so they could help others.

"Cool Family Solutions is “Giving our Clients their Life Back”


With a no-nonsense approach, families are able to navigate through a variety of circumstances when afflicted with mental health and substance-related disorders.  With a track record of success, the CFS process provides authenticity and credibility and by using our strategies, families are strengthened and empowered to manage difficult situations.


We at CFS recognize that the entire family network is affected.  We have established an entire family process  that gives the family a voice during this chaotic and confrontational time.  This prevents the family system from collapsing.  Our program has proven to leave families intellectually stronger and able to be honest about the issues.  Families leave with the ability to focus on solutions and are able to set boundaries.  Our teaching strategies address emotions of shame, grief, guilt, and hopelessness. 


Cool Family Solutions is revolutionizing the mental health industry and our programs are some of the industry leaders in building confidence providing families with a sense of control.  We hope you take the next step in regaining a feeling of hope and control in what is probably your most challenging time.

Client Testimonial 

"Would highly recommend anyone to take these sessions. These should be offered in schools, workplace, and home! Check out the website read the blogs. They are truly there and care to help you! Seriously go!"

- Doreen Hortness

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