Our Families Helping Families program is 10 sessions aimed at managing difficult situations in the family. Whether it is caring for a loved one living with mental illness and/or addictions you will learn how to utilize both your and their unique strengths, abilities and resilience to manage life challenges and improve overall health.

The group program leaves members feeling supported, validated, and empowered to find coherence within the complexity of situations and more confident in navigating the disruptions that can happen.

Includes: Cool Family Solutions Strength-Based Assessment, Strength-Based Group Sessions, Education Sessions and Members Only Options

Weekly Meetings unless otherwise advised of change. Check out our events tab to see current dates. 

$800.00 per person. 

Please note that our cancellation policy is a full refund if cancelled 7 days or more prior. Otherwise refunds are not permitted. 

Families Helping Families-10 Week Sessions